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I'm pretty positive that you heard of the Kindle revolution and how Amazon has totally disrupted the publishing industry with their Kindle device and the creation of a platform that allows independent authors and publishers to sell their ebooks to a global audience and earn a generous royalty for doing so. If you not completely aware of the kindle book phenomenon and how it has revolutionized the publishing game let me give you a brief background history.

Traditionally, the way an author brought a book to the marketplace was by first signing with a literary agent who would then shop that author's book to the various big name publishers like Random House, Simon and Schuster etc. This was basically the only way for a book to get on bookshelves at the various bookstores.

As you can imagine with this being the only route of distribution for authors, (besides selling books from the trunk of a car) the book publishing companies wielded an enormous amount of power. They had their choice of what they deemed to be the “pick of the litter” in terms of authors and books. So essentially as an author, if you signed a book deal with a publisher you were “in” and if you didn't sign a book deal with one you were “out”. Out in the cold, rejected with your book collecting dust on your computer's hard drive and never to be read by the masses.

Then Amazon came along and changed the game. They instantly revolutionized the book publishing industry with their Kindle device and massive distribution system. This gave independent authors and publishers like myself the opportunity to publish and distribute their books digitally through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Program in e-book format.

E-books have been around for quite some time now, so Amazon didn't invent the e-book industry, however, e-books written by “ordinary” folks have never had access to a platform like Amazon, which has over 300 million credit card buyers ready to make a purchase with just “one click”.

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So what does all this mean to you? It means that if you become part of this Kindle digital e-book revolution as an author or independent publisher you have a great chance to create mega profits and earn passive income from the royalties that you will receive from selling your kindle books on Amazon. How would I know? Because I am an Amazon Best Selling author who has created my very own Kindle Book Empire that consists of 41 books and counting..... These books have already generated thousands of dollars in royalty payments in a very short time. So I'm essentially “walking the talk” and you can do the same by creating your own kindle book cash cow system. Here's proof of my domination on the Kindle platform. I have had multiple Kindle books rank consistently in the Amazon's top 100 best seller's list.

My book "Fast Cash" Ranking number 3 in the UK right next to the classic Think and Grow Rich

My book "Jobless Cash" Also Ranking number 3 in the UK right next to the classic Think and Grow Rich

My book "The Killer Instinct" ranking right up there with Tony Robbins!

Are you ready to see the same results for your Kindle books? Ok great, but before you begin your journey to Kindle book mega profits it is essential that you have the right training and not just any ol' training, but the type of thorough training that will show you the ins and out and reveal the various secrets to writing, creating, marketing and selling Kindle books through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

So let me ask you, how beneficial would this kind of training be for you? If you don't have a clue, let me tell you how beneficial it would be. It would instantly give you an unfair advantage over other kindle book sellers in the marketplace because of the new cutting edge information and strategies you will be exposed to. You are probably wondering at this point where would you actually get this kind of dynamic training at and what would be the cost?

Comprehensive Cutting Edge Kindle Mega Profits Training

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Well wonder no more, because I have completely solved that dilemma for you. Currently I am offering a free 2 week comprehensive Kindle book training e-course entitled "Kindle Mega Profits", that is guaranteed to increase your knowledge and expertise on writing, creating, marketing, and selling Kindle books regardless of whether you are a complete newbie or veteran Kindle book marketer.

You will learn the cutting edge techniques and strategies that if applied will instantly explode your Kindle book sales and enable you to consistently receive monthly royalty payments from Amazon.

In fact, here are some of the things you will learn:

How to get “trusted authoritative reviews” for your Kindle book

How to select killer topics that will guarantee instant sales

The 4 most important elements of the Kindle book writing process

How to create Kindle books without ever having to write them

How to Write Kindle books so that they sell

How to create stellar quality Kindle book covers for cheap

The Secrets to pricing your Kindle books

How to effectively market and promote your Kindle books

The marketing secrets of Kindle book superstar authors Amanda Hocking and John Locke

And much much more

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